Puerto Rico Relief Efforts 

Every Shipment Counts


On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria hit the shores of Puerto Rico. The category 4 hurricane devastated the island, leaving it without electricity or access to food and clean water. The Amur Foundation has donated trucks and planes to transport donated goods to Puerto Rico. The food, water, and daily essentials were provided by City Harvest and Feeding America. Amur trucks drove the donated items to Miami, then flew the goods to Puerto Rico on a private charter, which landed on Tuesday, October 17. On the ground, Feeding America will distribute the items to those in need. 


The Amur Foundation has donated 100% of the equipment and transportation costs for the first shipment, which delivered over 82,000 pounds of donated goods to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. All donations will fund additional shipments. 



You can help the Amur Foundation transport additional shipments of food and supplies to Puerto Rico. 



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Photos supplied courtesy of City Harvest